Swing Away Stowaway Tow Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier 50″ x 20″

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This 50×20 heavy-duty swing away stowa-away tow hitch cargo carrier offers additional storage to your vehicle.

✔️ Huge space: 50″(L) x 20″(W) x 6″(H)

✔️ Heave-Duty Steel Construction

✔️ 600 lb Swing Away Capacity

Part# AMCC5020

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$253.17 for 3 item(s)

Swing Hitch Carrier Description:

This Swing Away Stowaway Hitch Carrier Cargo Basket Box offers additional storage to your vehicles tow hitch while offering accessibility to the back of your vehicle without having to remove. Popular with SUV’s wagons and vans because you can swing the cargo carrier box out and away from the rear bumper to access your trunk or liftgate. With this Swing Hitch Carrier you can swing it out of your way 360 degrees when you want to get into the back of your SUV or truck. Furthermore, our Swing Away Stowaway Hitch Carrier Basket for Tow Receiver complies to WMA Standards and Specifications and comes with a worry-free LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Swing Away Hitch Features:

  • Heave-Duty Steel Construction and lightweight when unattached
  • Provides easy access to trunk or rear cargo area
  • Mesh design allows dirt and water to drain for easy cleanup
  • Perfect fit for all vehicles with a 2″ tow hitch receivers or class III or IV
  • A Free Standard Anti-Wobble included


  • Maximum weight capacity 600 lbs
  • Maximum weight capacity when swing is 200 lbs when unattached
  • Dimension of carrier platform is 50″ in. Long x 20″ in. Wide x 6″ in. Tall

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Stabilizes hitch mounted bike, motorcycle, or mobility scooter on your tow hitch receiver and eliminates 100% of wobble, tilt, or rattling, Guaranteed!

4 Pack Ratchet Tie Down Straps

The rubber coated S hooks have built-in retention clips for securing your motorcycle during transport. Nylon webbing to withstand all weather conditions.

Heavy-Duty Anti Theft Hitch Lock

Specially manufactured for locking heavy carriers to your tow hitch, prevents theft, and made from solid hardened steel for high strength.

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4.7 overall

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  1. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    Used on the back of my RV and use it for packing firewood.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  2. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    Easy to assemble

    Verified Customer ✔️

  3. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    We bought a weather proof bag and it worked great.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  4. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    Perfect for a 2015 Honda CR-V Touring SUV

    Verified Customer ✔️

  5. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    Very stury, well built. Mounted on back of our 2017 Jeep Wrangler Sahara using 2″ receiver hitch.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  6. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    Great. Built & Sturdy!

    Verified Customer ✔️

  7. joelglen10 (verified owner)

    This is so cheap it’s sad. For the money I paid I’d expect a nicer piece. The powder coat on this is cheap. It’s already scratching and chipping off. Metal pieces are sticking out to the point where the hitch pole wouldn’t even fit in female slot. I have pictures for proof. When arm is extended it slouches about 5 inches lower to the ground. I don’t expect any weight would be good in it when extended. So ya one star. Not satisfied.


  8. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    Colorado to Nebraska and back with zero problems. I give it 5 stars.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  9. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    I loved it. Swings 360 degrees so make sure to use some type of hooks to hold basket.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  10. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    Easy to install and use

    Verified Customer ✔️

  11. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    Great hitch. Got the job done.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  12. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    But the recommended hitch stabilizer. Its works better with it!

    Verified Customer ✔️

  13. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    Arrived Fast

    Verified Customer ✔️

  14. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    arrived within 2 days. thanks!

    Verified Customer ✔️

  15. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    I honestly don’t know how this product got any good reviews. If you go to amazon.ca and see the reviews for the same product they are dismal. I had a lot of the same problems reported there – I wish I had seen those first and not wasted my money on this carrier.

    I ordered it for a roadtrip and when it came I was shocked to see that it was so low, it was only a few inches off the ground when I put it on my hitch receiver. And the pin was impossible to remove. I really needed it for my trip so I took it to a machine shop to see what they could do. They shook their heads at the poor quality. There is NO WAY the carrier can hold 600lb as advertised. Even with nothing on it, the basket started to bend as you swung it away. The people at the shop said the hinge would break in no time even with very little weight on it. They shaved down the bar a bit so I could remove the pin and swing the basket. They welded a whole new part that goes in the receiver just to give it more height so it would not scrape the ground. And then they built a castor wheel that I have to attach to take the weight of the basket when it’s in the swing away mode (so the hinge doesn’t break). I was so upset but really needed this for the roadtrip and I left the next day. Within a few days the whole thing was rusting. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!! I’d ask for my money back but I doubt they will give it to me since I had to make so many modifications. The only bright side is that when I ordered it the staff was very helpful and friendly.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  16. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    What we needed for our camping trips

    Verified Customer ✔️

  17. Verified Customer ✔️

    My family just drove across the country (4659 miles to be exact) and never had one problem with this wonderful swing away. Our family of 6 would never have been able to fit in our vehicle without the extra storage. Easy to install, easy to access the back of the vehicle,as well as storage area, and it was totally rust-proof. I highly recommend this swing away product. Happy Traveling!!!!☺️☺️☺️

    Verified Customer ✔️

  18. Verified Customer ✔️

    Absolutely PERFECT for our needs.?

    Verified Customer ✔️

  19. Verified Customer ✔️

    This is one of my all time favorite purchases. I wanted to purchase an extra one for my other vehicle and see that they are no longer available 🙁 I will continue to check and order when WMA has it in stock.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  20. Verified Customer ✔️

    had on my car for 3000 miles did not have any bad times love it

    Verified Customer ✔️

  21. Verified Customer ✔️

    This is a great product. My husband loves this storage case for the car. We just finished a three week vacation out west visiting our national parks. It survived severe rain.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  22. John Watts

    They finally started to sell this item again and i got mine last week. it works GREAT!!! NEW AND IMPROVED!

    John Watts

  23. Mark Ngoho

    the carrier works great. we use it for tailgate parties

    Mark Ngoho

  24. Karen Jenkins

    I like the idea it swings and that it comes with the basket. Most do not come with basket. I use it for my kids football games. It is very sturdy and handles alot of weight when I swing it out.

    Karen Jenkins


    Best thing ever I bought was able to pack all my wife stuff in back of jeep Cherokee an our youngest son an I put our stuff in stow away for a week an half unloaded every night but 3 this was easy since it swing around out of way I’m not tall enough for roof type at5’10”


  26. Anna McGonigal

    Works great for tailgates

    Anna McGonigal

  27. Joel Heft

    used it for my bbq. i bought two more and we all bbq at the games now. i want wma to sell them to all NFL games.

    Joel Heft