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Anti Wobble Tilt Bracket Device for 2″ Tow Hitch Receiver

This Anti Wobble Tilt Bracket is designed to work with 2″ Class III or Class IV hitch receiver.

✔️ Will Eliminate 90-100% of Wobble.

✔️ Clamps to Hitch Receiver

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Tow Hitch Anti Rattle Description:

This Trailer Tow Hitch Anti Rattle Tilt Device Sleeve for trailer receiver clamp will eliminate 90-100% of wobble….Guaranteed! Heavy Duty to WMA Standards! Use with 2″ class II and III trailer tow hitch receiver to prevent wobble when using a hitch mounted carrier or other product by pinching or clamp the main hitch carrier tube firmly against the trailer hitch receiver attached to your vehicle. Works great with cargo carriers, motorcycle racks, wheelchair haulers, and other products that slip into a 2″ trailer tow hitch. This Trailer Tow Hitch Anti Tilt Rattle Sleeve Clamp Device comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.


  • Prevents (if not eliminates) rattling, wobbling, rocking and hitch movement from 90-100%
  • The Leading design of WMA hitch tightener is the best anti rattle hitch tightener in the market.
  • Convenient and easy to install.
  • In just 3 easy steps and in less than 10 minutes.
  • Heavy Duty Steel with thick powder coated plate
  • Handles all weather conditions and loads.
  • Compatibility with 2″ Inch tow hitch classes III, and IV (3 and 4)


  • Steel construction
  • Fits 2″ (Class III, IV and V) hitch receivers
  • Can be used up, down or sideways

Important Information:

  • Anti Tilt Bracket shall not be used with 1-1/4″ inch tow hitch receivers


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