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Hitch Tightener Anti Wobble Tilt Rattle Trailer Adapter Stabilizer Device for 1.25″ and 2″ Hitches

(12 customer reviews)

Designed to stabilize and eliminate rattle for your 1.25″ and 2″ hitch receiver.

✔️ Eliminates hitch movement by 100%

✔️ Convenient and easy to install


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Hitch Stabilizer Device Description:

This Tow Hitch Stabilizer Device Anti Tilt Rattle Lock Device for hitch receiver will clamp, and guarantee to eliminate 100% of wobble. Heavy Duty to WMA Standards. Anti-rattle hitch tightener was designed to completely eliminate hitch noise, wobble, rattle and hitch movement for cargo carriers, hitch receiver, trailer ball mounts, bike racks, hitch racks, etc. Enjoy your quiet towing experience. Great ideal for hitches on trucks, suv’s, vans, RV’s and trailers. Easily installs with Class I, II, III or IV (1, 2, 3 or 4) hitches that measure either 1.25″ and 2″ (will not work on 2.5″ or larger hitch). Furthermore, the hitch tightener stabilizer device is crafted out of stainless steel. Our tow hitch anti tilt rattle stabilizer bracket lock device complies above Standards and Specifications. Also and comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against defects.

Features and Specs:

  • Prevents and eliminates wobbling by 100%
  • The best anti rattle hitch tightener in the market
  • Convenient and easy to install
  • Simply slip the anti over the receiver, insert bolts, and tighten
  • Takes 3 easy steps and under 10 minutes to install
  • Will handle all weather conditions
  • Heavy Duty Steel with thick powder coated
  • Fits 1.25″ and 2″ Inch tow hitch classes I, II, III, and IV (3 and 4)


  • Heavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel U-bolt
  • Thick Powder Coated Plate will Never Rust
  • Spring Lock Washers
  • Flat Washers to help tightening it in place and secure.

12 reviews for Hitch Tightener Anti Wobble Tilt Rattle Trailer Adapter Stabilizer Device for 1.25″ and 2″ Hitches

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  1. Verified Customer ✔️ (store manager)

    Easy to assemble. Very sturdy construction.

    Verified Customer ✔️

    • WMA Staff 🖊 (store manager)

      Thank you for your review.

      WMA Staff 🖊

  2. Verified Customer ✔️ (store manager)

    Well worth the investment!

    Verified Customer ✔️

    • WMA Staff 🖊 (store manager)

      Thank you for your review.

      WMA Staff 🖊

  3. Verified Customer ✔️ (store manager)

    This works great. I have a two part hitch: the first is the shank which goes directly into the hitch receiver and the second goes up and down in the shank to give me rise or drop. Both parts had a lot of play. I got two of these and it elimainated any and all movement.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  4. Verified Customer ✔️ (store manager)

    was able to ship same day

    Verified Customer ✔️

  5. Verified Customer ✔️ (store manager)

    Although my name is not on the review i can tell you it works great for all motorcycle carriers.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  6. Verified Customer ✔️ (store manager)

    Like the brother’s said to Mikey ” Try it – You’ll Like It”

    Verified Customer ✔️

  7. Verified Customer ✔️ (store manager)

    I strongly recommend this stabilizer. It’s not the cheapest nor most expensive. It’s the one that works best for me.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  8. Verified Customer ✔️ (store manager)

    This item is a must have for cargo or bike racks. My racks are solidly in place and there is no movement when driving. I was always concerned with how much play was in the cargo/bike rack while driving. I felt all the motion would work things loose, of course they didn’t but I was still worried. This completely ties the rack into the bumper hitch so it is solid and acts like part of the truck. Excellent product. Do yourself a favor and buy this…. Will the bolts come loose when I change out my hitch? Time will tell. I will update when I have to switch them out to haul my trailer.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  9. Verified Customer ✔️ (store manager)

    Installed on an 2001’ Land Rover Discovry. With a 7” extension for a class3(III) adapter.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  10. Verified Customer ✔️ (store manager)

    Why didn’t I know about this sooner?

    Verified Customer ✔️

  11. Verified Customer ✔️ (store manager)

    I use these to stabilize my hitch extender and motorcycle carrier behind my Jeep. It works pretty good but I do still have a little sway and I feel like I’m bending the stabilizers. This definitely helps stabilize my load.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  12. Verified Customer ✔️ (store manager)

    tough and works with multiple receiver sizes

    Verified Customer ✔️

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