Extra Wide 1000 lb Double Dual Dirt Bike E-Bike Motorcycle Hitch Carrier with Auxiliary 2″ Towing Receiver

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Double dual dirt bike or scooter carrier with tow hitch receiver for hauling your trailer, boat, or vehicle.

✔️ Manufactured Heavy Duty Steel

✔️ Durable, Powder Coated

✔️ Lifetime Warranty Against Defects.

Part# AM1306A

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Double Dirt Bike Carrier Description:

Our Extra Wide 1000 lb Tow Hitch Dual Double Dirt Bike Carrier Rack Hauler is the perfect solution to transport TWO motorcycles, dirt bikes, scooters, or bicycles without the hassle and storage of a bulky trailer. The auxiliary 2″ towing receiver receiver is for hauling your trailer, boat, or vehicle behind.

This dual motorcycle rack is specifically engineered to carry and transport two motorcross or off-road dirt bikes and mounts to your vehicle’s 2″ Class 3 or 4 tow hitch receiver. Simply roll your dirt bike using the loading ramp provided and use straps to secure to the carrier. The width of our carrier is 31-1/2″ Now 37-1/2″ wide which is plenty of room to avoid obstructions such as camper shells, tonneau cover, or spare tires on the back of a motorhome, SUV, or pickup truck. 

No need to worry about reliability because our steel-made dual carrier has enough strength and toughness to carry your bikes firmly for long road trip. The rack is also completely powder-coated for protection against corrosion during extreme weather conditions.

This Extra Wide 1000 lb Dual Double Dirt Bike Motorcycle Hitch Carrier Rack with Ramp complies with Standards and Specifications and comes complete with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against defects.

Dual Dirt Bike Rack Features:

  • Max weight capacity of double carrier is 1,000 lbs
  • Fits class III, IV or V 2″ hitch receivers
  • Durable black powder coat finish
  • Auxiliary 2″ hitch receiver for towing
  • Free standard anti tilt device

Double Dirt Bike Carrier Specifications:

  • Towing weight capacity: 2,000 lbs
  • Tongue weight capacity: 200 lbs
  • Max weight capacity for each rail is 500 lbs each
  • 72″ long rail track
  • 58″ long loading ramp stores underneath carrier
  • Total distance of width is 37-1/2″ in

Double Dirt Bike Carrier Not Recommended:

  • Enduro
  • Sport Motorcycles


Check with your dealership to verify your vehicles towing capacity to determine maximum exterior receiver capacity limits and requirements.

Durable, Safe Design for Years of Use:

Bumpy hills and rough terrain will not concern you anymore during the ride. Our carrier is guaranteed to provide you a secure transport, and keep your motorcycle safe and secureley behind your vehicle. Load up your bikes and be on your way in less than five minutes!

  • Perfect fit for all vehicles with a 2″ tow hitch receivers or class III or IV
  • Loading ramp can be locked with 2 stud pins when loading
  • Please check the weight of the motorcycle and measure the wheelbase
  • Check your tow hitch tongue weight Limit
  • Most Class III hitches are rated for 500 lbs. Most Class IV hitches are rated for 1000 lb

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Highly Recommended Accessories, Picked By Our Experts!

Heavy Duty Anti Tilt Stabilizer

Stabilizes hitch mounted bike, motorcycle, or mobility scooter on your tow hitch receiver and eliminates 100% of wobble, tilt, or rattling, Guaranteed!

4 Pack Ratchet Tie Down Straps

The rubber coated S hooks have built-in retention clips for securing your motorcycle during transport. Nylon webbing to withstand all weather conditions.

Heavy-Duty Anti Theft Hitch Lock

Specially manufactured for locking heavy carriers to your tow hitch, prevents theft, and made from solid hardened steel for high strength.

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  1. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    they shipped same day. thank you

    Verified Customer ✔️

  2. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    Thanks for the help.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  3. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    The pics show the old version. The new version is extra wider

    Verified Customer ✔️

  4. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    WMA is legit. Spend the money, it’s worth it.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  5. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    Its a two man job to slide inside tow hitch.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  6. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    Bought this dual carrier for my kids pit bike and my honda 250 August 2019. Fits well with enough room to spare. Sorry for the late review.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  7. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    Perfect for KTMS. The guys in the warehouse showed me how to load up the bikes.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  8. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    Arrived fast. Good thing since the directions and diagram are not in great detail

    Verified Customer ✔️

  9. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    Highly recommend!!!

    Verified Customer ✔️

  10. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    I love the product. Sturdy and easy to assemble. Only problem was one of the pre-drilled holes on center cross- supports did not line up correctly. I had to drill a new one to line up with one of the rails.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  11. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    For the money, there is no better product out there

    Verified Customer ✔️

  12. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    Well built carrier.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  13. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    Arrived in 3 days from day of purchase. Easy to assemble. Diagram is basic and they are working on videos

    Verified Customer ✔️

  14. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    Product is made of quality metal with precise welds and machining.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  15. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    arrived on time

    Verified Customer ✔️

  16. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    This was quick & simply to put together. I bought this for my 2009 Denali for a road trip to Florida. I highly recommend this product to anyone.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  17. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    I hate reviews but damm this carrier delivered what it was promised. This thing will last a lifetime.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  18. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    I wasnt sure if the double carrier will work on the back on my van with a spare tire in the middle. I was told it worked for a past customer with similar van. To my surprise it worked for two 250 cc dirt bikes. This is a great product. Thanks to the people at WMA for helping me and being patient with me with all my questions.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  19. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    fits two small 125s on my ford 150

    Verified Customer ✔️

  20. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    On time for Glamis Tip 2019!

    Verified Customer ✔️

  21. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    Thanks for making this carrier wide. It helps so dirt bikes dont tap the back of our SUV. Thanks WMA!

    Verified Customer ✔️

  22. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    Super Wide. Super Strong. Super Great.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  23. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)


    Verified Customer ✔️

  24. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    Thanks WMA. It arrived to all the way to our Canada house safely.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  25. Verified Customer ✔️ (verified owner)

    I wanted the steel that will last for a lifetime. A bit heavy but that cause its made from steel and will last.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  26. Richard Berube

    thanks to all the guys at WMA. bought the double carrier and it worked great.

    Richard Berube

  27. sam hernandez

    It needs to be sold at cyclegear. I wish cyclegear would sell this carrier. I called WMA and they said would try. I used it for my 450 and my sons 250 and the extra width added helped. I think the lifetime warranty really helped with the sale.

    sam hernandez

  28. Dennis Kurby


    Dennis Kurby

  29. Mark Weltz

    Must Buy. I was able to use it last weekend and it did an awesome job. No sagging and the anti tilt device works great. My suzuki 350 and 250 fits nice on the back of my Tahoe.

    Mark Weltz

  30. Kenneth Puhl

    Fits great on our RV for tow honda dirtbikes. Love it that it is extra wide.

    Kenneth Puhl

  31. Mike Strathman

    WMA told me the newest version has been extended from 31 1/2″ to 37 1/2″. I was to load 2 K350s on my motorhome with no problemo. This thing rocks.

    Mike Strathman

  32. Tiffany Stallings

    Really does hold 1000lbs. Saw their ad on Craigslist for a double motorcycle carrier, was a little hesitant because they don’t have a large internet presence. After reading the small number of reviews they did have we decided to go forward with the purchase. Great company to deal with! Pleasant and they move fast. The carrier was delivered on-time and in perfect condition. We had a small issues with putting the carrier together but they were LIGHTENING fast on fixing the problem! Will def buy from WMA Store again! Thanks guys.

    Tiffany Stallings

  33. Ralphie Santiago

    Great product and well designed. 2 bikes fit perfectly and is a great way to transport your dirt bikes without having to own a trailer or truck.

    Ralphie Santiago

  34. Luke Richards

    Wide enought for two 450s on my RV. I was able to load two 450 hondas on my RV. The handlebars barely cleared the back panel. Thank you for making this carrier wider. Highly recommended for my RV soldiers.

    Luke Richards

  35. Erik Long

    Yeah!!!! Finally found what I was looking for. My friend had this dual carrier and he took it to the dessert. I was in shock how good and strong the double carrier was. I called WMA to order the dual carrier and they told me out of stock. I finally was told they had it in stock and bought one immediately. I got it last week and used it and to my surprise the new dual carrier is much heavier and stronger. This dual carrier will last me 500 years with no problem. You guys won’t be disappointed.

    Erik Long

  36. Robert Macfadyen

    The dirtbike carrier performance as advertised.

    Robert Macfadyen

  37. William Morrison

    Easy to assemble, and easy to store away. Time it takes to Load bikes is fast with 2 guys. It’s built with solid constuction. Only issue I found, was it blocks tail lights. Taillights needed to be purchased

    William Morrison

  38. tommy

    This dual carrier worked great on my honda 250s on the back of my SUV. I recommend this product. Took it to the desert all summer.


  39. Chris Gatty

    I never heard of WMA but this is a good company. I bought AM1306A double carrier and performed better then I thought. Made of heavy steel, the rack was able to carry one honda 280 and one honda 125 on the back of my Tahoe. Its great cause you can have the rails face opposite of each other so the dirtbikes handle bars can overlap. This was important cause my Tahoe does not have enough room for two dirtbikes so facing the dirtbikes opposite was able to make both dirtbikes fit on the back of my Tahoe. Good Quality.

    Chris Gatty

  40. Nick Stuart

    I absolutely LOVE it! The trailer went together with no problems and is easily maneuvered by 2 people. The bikes are secure, as well as the ramp. Now I don’t have to store a large trailer in our garage and yard, but can easily just stand up the hitch attachment to store it while not in use. As for service, top notch!

    Nick Stuart

  41. william p. thomas

    This is a great dual rack. It holds our two, 250 bikes with no problem. It is also sturdy, but I can take it on and off pretty easily. The steel construction is great.

    william p. thomas


    Purchased this carrier to transport two dirt bikes. The ordering process was simple, the carrier was in stock and I received it way faster than expected. Nice product with a reasonable price. Loading and unloading was easy and I would purchase from this site again.


  43. Jesse DeLaVilla

    Used it to hold a 1972 Honda ct90 and a 1976 Honda Z50. Works great and frees up room in the bed so I can use my roll cover for luggage etc. Looks and feels well built. I used it on a FORD F-250 Truck

    Jesse DeLaVilla

  44. steve mitchell

    This carrier was used on a Nissan truck and it worked great. I used it for a honda 70 and a honda 280. I traveled from San Diego to Pismo Beach and no problems. All the bumps on the road will not break this carrier. It can take a beating. I highly recommend

    steve mitchell

  45. GEORGE Dietz

    Great product and well designed. 2 bikes fit perfectly and is a great way to transport your dirt bikes without having to own a trailer or truck.

    GEORGE Dietz


    This rack does what it promises. Holds two motorcyles securely and ramp allows easy loading and unloading. I use it for 2 Honda CRF 150’s. I did buy a locking pin with lock separately which helps and prevents theft


  47. M. Schmitz

    Great product and the guys helped me out with picking the right carrier for my van. Thanks.

    M. Schmitz


    Awesome Double Dirtbike Carrier. Thumbs UP!!!
    I found this to be a fairly well designed and made product. It is light weight enough to help in maximizing the load you can carry on your hitch. Good weld joints, solid steel main beam with steel racks and ramp make for a nice package. Also, its cheaper here than buying it from a motorcycle dealership or other websites, a nice plus, difference saves on the shipping cost. Although I have only one scooter, the dimensions allow me to carry the bike on the back behind my camper, just have to remember that I am sticking out that far behind me now.