New Heavy Duty 5/8" Hich Pin Lock
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New Heavy Duty 5/8" Hich Pin Lock

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New HEAVY-DUTY Chrome 5/8" Hitch Pin With Lock



Heavy Duty Hitch Pin with Lock. Specially manufactured for locking heavy carriers to your tow hitch. Hardened steel for maximum strength. Great for Bike Racks, Motorcycle Carriers, Wheelchair Racks, Tow Hitches, and MORE!!!  Protect your investment with this Great Hitch Pin with Lock!!!!!

Features a strip of knurled diamond pattern surface for added grip. Includes (2) keys and a rubber keyhole cap to reduce moisture buildup inside the lock.  Made with a steel barbell construction, finished in polished zinc plate for added durability.

The C-Lock Hitch Mount utilizes a barbell locking mechanism for an extra step in protecting your equipment. The barbell design was created to make the lock fit more snug and securely, while preventing the lock from easily being removed without a key.

LOAD RATING: 5/8" pin's maximum load rating for Class III/IV : 10000lbs


  • Size: 5/8"
  • Load Rating: 10000lbs
  • Hardened Steel for Maximum Strength
  • Fits All 2" Tow Hitch Receivers
  • Approx: 6" in Length
  • Steel Barbell Construction with Polished Zinc Plate Finish
  • Resist rust and corrosion, prolonging pin life
  • Use to secure ball mounts and other couplers or receivers.
  • Dust & Weather Proof Cover
  • Anti Theft Protection
  • 2 Keys Included
  • Fits Class III and IV Tow Hitch




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