XXL 60″L X 33″W Steel Mobility Scooter Power Wheelchair Folding Hitch Carrier Rack Loading Ramp

This carrier with bi-fold loading ramp lets you easily transport scooters, wheelchairs, push mowers, and snow machines.

✔️ Carrier platform: 60″ L x 32.5″ W

✔️ Bi-fold Loading Ramp: 60″ L x 32.5″ W

✔️ 500 lbs max load capacity

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XXL Foldable Scooter Hitch Carrier Description:

XXL 500 lb max capacity steel tow hitch-mount carrier rack with bi-fold loading ramp allows you to easily load and transport your  mobility scooter or power wheelchair. The rack surface has an 60″ long X 33″ wide platform, providing enough space for most of today’s mobility scooter devices. The loading ramp can be conveniently stand vertical or lay horizontal and folded inside the platform. Additionally, the entire platform may tilt-up flat against vehicle for either convenient parking or storage. Perfectly fits on any 2″ inch tow hitch Class 3 or receiver safely. XXL Steel Scooter Hitch Carrier with Loading Ramp comes with a durable finish for maximum resistance to rain, dirt, road salt and other corrosive threats.

Furthermore, this XXL folding aluminum hitch carrier lift rack with bi-fold loading ramp for xl wheelchair mobility scooter complies above WMA Standards and Specifications and comes complete with a 1 YEAR WARRANTY against defects.

XXL Foldable Scooter Hitch Carrier Features:

  • Ideal for transporting scooters, wheelchairs, mowers, tools and equipment
  • Quick-release hatch for changing ramp position
  • Carrier can fold or tilt-up against back of vehicle for either parking or storage
  • Non-skid ridges provided traction when loading or unloading
  • Assembly takes 15 mins and carrier is 90% assembled when delivered
  • Aluminum with durable E-coat finish for all weather conditions

XXL Folding Scooter Carrier Specs:

  • Carrier Exterior Dimension: 60″ in. Long x 33″ in. Wide x 6.5″ in. Tall
  • Interior Dimensions: 59.5″ in. Long x 32.5″ in. Wide x 6″ in. Tall
  • Length of bi-fold ramp when expended: 60″ in. Long x 32.5″ in. Wide
  • Weight Capacity of Loading Ramp: Up to 500 lbs

Additional Information:

  • 2 rear reflectors included for added visibility when using at night
  • Fits all 2″ Receiver, hitch class III or IV
  • Folding ramp can also be locked with 2 pins when not in use

Important Information:

Mobility devices shall not be occupied when loading or unloading.

Why our carrier is awesome!
Length: 60″
Width: 33″
Maximum Capacity: 500 lbs
Weight: 167 lbs
Material: Steel
Car Fitment: Class III & IV

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