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4-Bolt Sturdy Anti Wobble 2″ x 2″ Trailer Tow Hitch Adapter Stabilizer

(18 customer reviews)

Designed to eliminate wobble for your 2″ hitch for common uses such as cargo carrier, motorcycle carrier, and scooter mobility carriers.

✔️ Eliminates hitch movement by 100%

✔️ Convenient and easy to install


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$24.99 $39.99

Tow Hitch Anti Tilt Description:

This Tow Hitch Anti Tilt Rattle Stabilizer Device will clamp, and eliminate 100% of wobble, Guaranteed! Heavy Duty to WMA Standards! Designed for standard 2″ tow hitches. Perfect for cargo carrier, bike rack, motorcycle carriers, and scooter mobility carrier. No longer worry about the cargo you are hauling sway from side to side. It’s 4 bolt gripping structure designed to ensure security of your carrier by pinching hitch receiver to carrier simultaneously. Crafted out of solid steel. Will assist with hauling anything that your Class III & IV 2″ hitch receiver accepts. This Tow Hitch Anti Rattle Stabilizer Device complies to WMA Standards and Specifications comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.


  • Prevents (if not eliminates) rattling, wobbling, rocking and hitch movement by 100%
  • The Leading design of WMA hitch tightener is the best anti rattle hitch tightener in the market
  • Convenient and easy to install
  • Simply slip the Anti over the receiver, insert bolts, and tighten into place.
  • Takes 3 easy steps and under 10 minutes to install
  • Heavy Duty Steel with thick powder coated plate
  • Will handle all weather conditions
  • Fits 2″ Inch tow hitch classes III, and IV (3 and 4)

Important Information:

  • Anti Tilt Bracket shall not be used with 1-1/4″ inch tow hitch receivers

Based on 18 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. Verified Customer ✔️

    Sturdy. No complaints. Quiets down the rattles.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  2. Verified Customer ✔️

    This works well. I gave it 4 stars because I had to flip it around to fit with my Jeep receiver.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  3. Verified Customer ✔️

    Works great and delivered quick

    Verified Customer ✔️

  4. Verified Customer ✔️

    Best anti-wobble device out there. Move the carrier and the entire vehicle shakes. NO NOISE!

    Verified Customer ✔️

  5. Verified Customer ✔️

    does what it says it does very well

    Verified Customer ✔️

  6. Verified Customer ✔️

    Used this as a replacement for the cheesy one that came with my motorcycle hitch carrier. This one is a lot more robust with thicker bolts and has been used for around 4,000 miles without any major issues.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  7. Verified Customer ✔️

    Used with a heavily loaded luggage rack and noticed no bounce, rattle, or sway on the rack during two 4.5hr drives.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  8. Verified Customer ✔️

    Awesome! Easy installation! Great price! Ordered 2 more for other vehicles

    Verified Customer ✔️

  9. Verified Customer ✔️

    works out great for they heavier loads. No more rattles and noise!

    Verified Customer ✔️

  10. Verified Customer ✔️

    This is the load stabilizer you want. I heavily recommend that you goop the screws with dielectric grease, or some kind of silicone grease to keep rust away.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  11. Verified Customer ✔️

    Bought (2) two of these for (2) two different rigs, changed the Bolts our with grade 8 bolts, works great STOPS the movement in the receiver slop

    Verified Customer ✔️

  12. Verified Customer ✔️

    Does the trick! Heavy scooter on rack and almost no wobble at all

    Verified Customer ✔️

  13. Verified Customer ✔️

    Looks like the bolt issues have been fixed I don’t know how many times I backed into a curb with my van being so low had 1 bolt bend almost 90-degrees finally snapped when backing off of a flatbed towtruck, that being said the only problem I had was the bolts were too long, couldn’t go over a speed bump w/out the bolts bottoming out

    Verified Customer ✔️

  14. Verified Customer ✔️

    Product is strong metal.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  15. Verified Customer ✔️

    Install was easy.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  16. Verified Customer ✔️

    The only downside is needing to keep a 19mm socket with you to tighten and loosen this stabilizer. Otherwise it works very well. We use it to stabilize a hitch mounted dirt bike carrier. Without this, you could feel the bike/platform bounce around with the car while driving. With the stabilizer it’s rock solid, and you don’t feel a thing. Great purchase that was well worth the $.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  17. Verified Customer ✔️

    used this with a hitch-mounted cargo carrier on a 350 mile trip. Didn’t hear a bit of rattling from the cargo carrier. Easy to install, you only need a wrench (5/8 I believe). Not to be used with trailers of any type, only cargo carriers or bike racks.

    Verified Customer ✔️

  18. Verified Customer ✔️

    i am using with an dual receiver adaptor and the amount of space between the 2 female receivers wouldnt allow the usual u bracket to fit, they dont fit over the female receiver, so i used this cuz i only had 1/2″ of male receiver between the 2 females this worked great, seems stable and tight

    Verified Customer ✔️