How to Choose a Hitch-Mounted Carrier for Your

Power Wheelchair or Scooter

A hitch-mounted mobility scooter carrier is a simple, effective solution for easily transporting your wheelchair or scooter wherever you go. There are a few questions which must be considered before purchasing a mobility carrier, such as the maximum amount of weight your vehicle can safely carry, and if a manual carrier or powered hitch mounted lift is better for your needs.

Benefits of Wheelchair and Scooter Carriers

Increased freedom and mobility are two of the main reasons to purchase an accessible or customized vehicle. These benefits are even more pronounced when the liberating features of a converted vehicle are coupled with devices like wheelchair or scooter carriers. These additions make loading heavy mobility equipment into your car, truck or van a breeze, and limit the amount of manual lifting those with disabilities or their caregivers must do in order to get on the road. Here are the main types of electric wheelchair carriers available.

Car-Top Carriers

Powered by the vehicle’s electrical system, car-top carriers are designed to work with manual, folding wheelchairs. Taking the place of a luggage rack, they are enclosed spaces, perfect for shielding your chair from inclement weather, that remain flat against the car’s roof to preserve the vehicle’s aerodynamic shape. These models can be either fully automatic or require you to guide the chair as the carrier does the heavy lifting.

Bumper-Mounted Carriers

Bumper-mounted carriers are some of the least expensive options when it comes to mobility equipment. As simple carriers designed to transport manual wheelchairs, these additions hold the folded wheelchair flat against the back of the vehicle. With this type of carrier, however, there are many things to take into consideration before making a purchase, such as rear window visibility, weight and type of chair you need to lift. In order to ensure you make the right choice and that it is then installed correctly, it is recommended that you visit your local dealer.

Hitch-Mounted Carriers

When it comes to transporting scooters and power wheelchairs, hitch-mounted carriers are the solution. These hook to the trailer hitch of a car or van and have a platform like lift onto which a wheelchair or scooter can be easily maneuvered. With fully automatic options, hitch-mounted carriers are convenient for those living with disabilities and caregivers alike, as they require minimal effort.

As always, we recommend stopping by or calling us to further review these options and ensure you go home with the perfect carrier for you or your family member.

Additional Questions to Consider

If you’re budget conscious, a manual wheelchair carrier will cost less than a powered lift, however it’s important to make sure you have the physical capabilities to operate a manual wheelchair carrier. It’s also important to make sure you have all the required equipment to secure your mobility aid to the carrier, with tie-down and ratchet straps.

If you have any questions regarding a mobility carrier, don’t hesitate to contact the WMA team of professionals by calling 1-800-503-1874, or send us an email by clicking this link.